What is Development?

development signThe Ministry of Development has its basis in the concepts of stewardship as outlined in the Gospel message.  It is ministry to ask people to share; in whatever way they can, in the work of the Church, to bring about Kingdom.  Development is a “people business” in our parishes and schools.  As a process or a science, it engages in those programs and activities that enhance the quality of service at the parish and the excellence of education in all educational offerings.  A parish or school that serves people and offers the very best of service attracts other people!   Those who have not been properly exposed to the development process, concepts and principles, have often defined development as “fundraising.”

However, as you can see, fundraising is only a stopgap measure, it may keep a parish and school going for a while but the results alone are not sufficient to assure a school’s survival for the future. 

Development has to do with long-range plans.  Our premise is we will be here 100 years from now so that has set into motion a series of activities that will lead to a secure and successful future. 

A Development Board has been established for the sole purpose of raising endowment funds and other operating expenses.  The immediate goals of the Development Board are:

  • Not to deny any worthwhile candidate entry to the school based on the fact they cannot pay for the education.
  • To provide competitive teacher salaries.
  • To insure ongoing enrichment of the curriculum and updating of our teaching methods – for example, multi-media technologies, online systems (internet), and online library research.
  • Endowment Fund of $10 million.

The “Growing Together in Faith” Endowment Campaign is the vehicle of the master plan for St. Gregory the Great Parish, and we confidently expect and call on the community to support this effort.  St. Gregory the Great School saves the taxpayers of Broward County approximately $6 million dollars.

Our primary aim at St. Gregory the Great School is to foster and inculcate in our students the highest moral and ethical standards and prepare them to become future leaders in our society.
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History of Development

groundbreakingWhat about the Development Program at St. Gregory the Great Parish?  This office originated in 1992 with Mrs. Patricia Usyk as Director of Development. In 1993, the feasibility study was conducted, long-range plans were laid and the “Building Together in Faith” Capital Campaign was launched under the supervision of this office.  It was a historic time for our parish community.  The campaign was launched for $4 million and reached altogether $5.1 million.  This provided for our new school, gymnatorium, parking lot, refurbishment of the rectory and the ministry building.  On February 5, 1995, ground was broken for the construction of new facilities and parish renovations.  These projects were completed in August, 1995.  All of this was totally paid for by the “Building Together in Faith” Capital Campaign.

The unique program, Vision 2000, was conducted in January, 2000, and our parish leaders worked with the Development Office.  Our parishioners donated $1.7 million dollars to the Archdiocese of Miami.

The music studio was completely renovated in 2000 as well as the construction and expansion of the faculty dining area, the new conference room, a counselor’s office and a school bookstore.  Installing all Pentium computers with Microsoft software, the Encarta series, once again enhanced the computer lab at the school.  This was made possible by a grant from Microsoft as well as funding from Partners in Excellence and the funds of our auction.

prayer gardenOur beautiful prayer garden was completed in the summer of 2002.  Many people have purchased bricks in honor of a loved one as well as in memory of a loved one.  We also see many bricks celebrating happy times in the lives of our parishioners.  Please call Development at Ext. 127 for more information or click here for the Prayer Garden Brick form.

In 2002, we also transformed the school play area; this area is now a park-like setting with various activities for the different grade levels.

The Development Program of St. Gregory the Great Parish has been cited often as a premiere development program in the country.  All of this is made possible by the stewardship of our parishioners.  Currently, we continue to build our “Growing Together in Faith” Endowment Campaign.  The Endowment fund is currently at 3.8 Million for St. Gregory the Great School, $600,000 for St. Gregory the Great Church and over $700,000 for the Scholarship Teacher Enrichment Program.  These funds are a result of our dedicated parishioners who believe in the future of our parish.  By law, only the interest may be spent from an endowment, and our endowment provides for curriculum enrichment, maintenance of buildings, tuition assistance and the S.T.E.P. Program (Scholarship Tuition Enrichment Program) for teachers, which provides 50% of the tuition for higher learning in education.

churchOur new Campaign is, “Worshipping Together in Faith”, with a met goal of six million dollars.  Our church, built in 1984, underwent a complete renovation including a new area for music, music meeting room and the beautiful new tower which can be seen from all directions on University Drive.  This is a much anticipated renovation and we completed this project in March of 2010 and held our first service on Holy Thursday.  Our Parish Church was dedicated by Archbishop Thomas Wenski on November 28. 2010. You still have opportunities to give, for example:  stained glass windows, pews, Sanctuary lamps, etc.  If you would like to participate in this exciting historic event, please call 954-473-8170, Ext. 127 or click here to contact us.

Development begins from a position of strength.  It enables and empowers people.  Our people are very involved in all the ministries of our parish, especially the school, and we thank all the Moms who stepped up and chaired a big event, such as the Auction, or the Walk-a-thon.  The commitment and leadership of these women leads us to believe our parish is in good hands.

Some of us have a greater responsibility because of the gifts we have been given and because of our faith experiences.  Many of our people have boldly accepted the challenge, and that is why St. Gregory Parish is what it is today!  We believe that our school and parish are great gifts to our church and community.  We commit ourselves to meet the challenges of the future and to look back on our past in gratitude to those who paved the way.  Your Parish Development Board thanks you for your continued support.
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Campus Tour

Campus Tour Schedule

We welcome you to plan a visit to our campus.  While our annual Open House is in January, there is much to be gained by taking one of our monthly scheduled tours.  Your visit will provide you with the opportunity to visit the classrooms and observe first hand our faculty and students in action.  During the visit you will also have the opportunity to meet with the leadership of St. Gregory the Great School and discuss in detail all programs and offerings available for your children.

We limit the number of families taking the monthly tour, so please call and reserve your spot.  

Tours start at 9 a.m. in the morning and last approximately 1 hour.  Unfortunately, we do not have accommodations for children on the tour.  Tours start from the Alumni Room located in the Parish Center.  Please arrive 15 minutes before the tour begins.

Please call the Development Office at 954-473-8170 ext. 127 or e-mail us at: development@saintgreg.org  to reserve a place. 
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St. Gregory the Great Development Board

Father Michael V. Hoyer (President)
Mr. Keith Koenig (Chairperson)
Mrs. Donna Patruno Wells (Development Director)
Mrs. Kathy Bergeron
Mr. Paul Coyle
Ms. Jennie DiRosa
Mrs. Barbara Doll
Mr. Robert Fernandez
Mr. Charles Phelan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weidinger
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Development Staff

Director of Development - Mrs. Donna Wells
Nova University - Master’s Degree
Fax: 954-476-5750

Assistant to Director - Mrs. Jan Bennings
Eastern Kentucky University - BS
Fax: 954-476-5750

Administrative Assistant - Mrs. Carla Merkelson
Fax: 954-476-5750

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